1. Baking gingersnaps tonight for the staff party tomorrow.  Also testing a cheese straw (or rather disc) recipe, for some savory deliciousness.  (Later note, the cookies were a big hit.  I sent out the recipe to the staff with witty commentary, which perhaps I will post here.)
  2. Very good field trip to the national Building Museum yesterday.  The kids built a house and a geodesic dome.  That is such a beautiful building!
  3. I’ve been trying to post for days, but I keep falling asleep in my chair.
  4. So I had an electrician come to fix a little home improvement project that I should not have attempted on my own.  He did a great job, but unfortunately, since he left after Paul had gone to work, he locked the bottom lock on the door, which we never use, and for which, I for some reason, no longer have a key on my ring.  So I had to have a locksmith come, adding to the total electric repair in a notable fashion, since it was overtime. 
  5. All these deferred maintenance projects, though needed, are definitely banging up my bank account.  If only I could dip into maintenance reserve!  If only I HAD a maintenance reserve!
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  1. RomeLover says:

    I wish you would post a warning about wry commentary…someday I AM going to spit my coffee (or other drink) all over my computer!

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