1. Oh how we struggle through the last days before the break.  The kids are happy and full of energy, and the teachers are just done!
  2. I’ve received several charming gifts from the children, my favorite a homemade card and ornament.
  3. Went for a holiday pedicure with AB and Ali, then we went and had fancy cocktails at the Ritz and then shopping.  Lots of fun!
  4. I feel completely unprepared.  Some of my gifts may come post Christmas.  I still need to finish blank for blank and blank and there is major construction to be done on the blank for blank.  I hope blank likes her blank, I was able to work a great deal on that.  I still need to purchase the blank for blank.
  5. Made cookies for the custodians tonight and will buy bagels for the sociology class, then 8th grade art project for the next four periods, then classes are cancelled for the volleyball tourney in the afternoon.  Don’t be in front of my car at 4:06, because I will run yo ass down ass I head home! (stopping at the blank store to buy blank’s blank.)
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