1. We had a really nice Christmas dinner last night. 
  2. Church at 5 was also great, where once again my ego vied with my love for the Lord and I swung some crazy smoke as thurifer and thought, “Damn baby, I am swinging some crazy smoke!”
  3. Fondue and presents with Pauls’ family.  M and B gave us Rock em, Sock em Robots!  Awesome!
  4. AB and I took M and C to the new American history museum today.  That museum better not be finished in terms of displaying the collections, because if they are the American Taxpayer needs a refund.  The place is better lit than it used to be, but bare.  I want them to pull all of the stuff out of the attic and lay it out!  I know it is now trendy to  create a narrative and have lots of white space, but I kind of think it should look like one of those Oklahoma junque/antique shops.  Wall to wall stuff, and you make up your own damn narrative.
  5. I will be able to join the digital tv revolution!  I’ve been, sadly, mesmerized for much of the day  by the crystal clear picture on my new TV Paul got me.  and to have channels like rader scan 4.2 and the A-Team, Magnum PI 7.3 is pretty exciting.
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  1. BastogneBulldog says:

    It sounds like you had a great Christmas, so did we. I really hope we get to see you again soon in the new year.

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