1. I am about to head over to my parents where we are having a party tonight with the Berry’s to celebrate 30 years of knowing one another.
  2. I am very glad of this, but reflective about the idea of friendship, and how often I fail at following through on simple things like calls and cards and emails that will maintain friendships.
  3. My college roommate, with whom I have been a shamefully poor communicator has given me yet another chance and inspired me by sending me a Christmas card with her new address.  I am quite resolved to do better and indeed have written 7 cards today to family and friends who have continued to write to me, even though I have been silent lo these many years.
  4. Kitchen sink is backed up.  It seems to be a contagion, effecting the whole building.  On the one hand this is a plus because if it is effecting the whole building the condo association will pay for the repair.  On the other hand, should blame be able to be assessed, say if a large ball of yarn or cat hair is found to have made the blockage, then bills will no doubt be assessed accordingly.
  5. Chris called on Christmas day and is well.  Pictures of the French troops nativity construction competition to follow.
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  1. BastogneBulldog says:

    I hope you had a great time with your folks and the Berrys. I just receved an email from Chris. He received the Christmas present we sent him. He appears to be doing fine. Happy New Year!

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