1. I wasn’t sure which I was more excited about when the UPS man came, my TomTom GPS or the Stitch and Bitch “Happy Hooker” book about learning to crochet.
  2. Paul has the car, so I started with the crochet, but as in other times I have attempted this, it feels all wrong, and I have set it aside for a while.  I would really like to master it, by my head feels very confused about the endeavor.
  3. It’s yarn and a hook, why is it so hard?  Anyway, now I am updating the maps on the GPS.  I shall return to the crochet in due time.
  4. Ab and I went to see “the day the earth stood still.” Ehn.  Not great, not terrible.  She didn’t really want to see it, but it was starting next so she went for it, and I promised I would go with her to a movie of her choice nexttime.  I turn her down on movies alot, so this is a notable promise.
  5. I found myself a bit blue with the turning of the year yesterday.  I am a-fearing going back to school I think.
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