1. Tea party today.  I ate more than my share of tiny sandwiches.  Why are tiny sandwiches more tasty than regular size sandwiches?
  2. Then another party. Fun kids running around.   Took the last of this season’s gingersnaps.  Fair well sweet gingerness.
  3. Must face reality that work is going to resume on Monday and cannot be avoided by praying for snowstorm or boiler explosion.  Really really hoping that the student teacher contacts me soon! (you know, for her benefit.  Snort.)  No, seriously.  There are just some years in teaching that are harder than others, and this has turned out to be one of those years, and what with the whole Altar Guild presidency coming up, it would really take the pressure off to be able to have a little wiggle room for a few months. 
  4. And really I would love the planning time for the high school classes.  Argh.  I am tired of having the same old problems.
  5. January 11   – 24 starts, January 21 – Lost.  At least I have that to cling to!
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  1. Melissa says:

    I would have to concur. It is a known fact that tea party sandwiches taste better than regular sandwiches.

  2. Carrie M says:

    Katherine has directed me to your blog. I love it. Makes me feel like I am chatting with you. Who is AB? We saw Valkyrie and Marlie & Me. Not a very uplifting Christmas movie selection. Got my Christmas Card. Yeah!!

  3. Rod says:

    Gawrsch. Colleges don’t start until inauguration day!

  4. Eleanor says:

    Hi Carrie! AB is Anne. She and Ali are my church/coffee drinking buddies. Pretty amazing that I actually sent cards isn’t it?

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