1. This weather must cease and desist!  Absolutely horrible.  Rainy dark and cold, and it feels like it has been that way since October.  I am going to have to start shining UV lights in my eyes or something.
  2. Took down the tree tonight.  So sad.  It really could have made it longer.  I think it might be worthwhile to be the person on the block who leaves their tree up until all the needles fall off.
  3. I felt very bad taking Mr. Tree out to the curb.  It seems so callous to cast him aside.  I apologized profusely.  To a tree.  Well, at least I’ll still be the crazy lady to the neighbors, one way or another.
  4. Today was pretty exciting because I got a wireless connection for my smartboard.  This takes one more cord off the floor.  I have said before, and one of the kids pointed out, that the wireless signals are traveling through the air and even through us.  That does freak me out some times.  I may have to start teaching in a tin foil hat.
  5. My style points are non exsistent.  I need to revamp my wardrobe big time.  The pants sweater combo is wearing mighty thin.
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  1. RomeLover says:

    I think the style points might go up with a tin foil hat. Let us know….

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