1. These are exciting times, no?  The Inauguration buzz is all over town.  I’m off to shop and then go help AB with the gift bags for the Kentucky Ball.
  2. Through nothing but luck and good friends and family I’ve got some fun activities to go to.  AB has invited me to join her and her folks and friends at the Kentucky Bluegrass ball.  Also, her office is on Pennsylvania Avenue, and I am invited to watch the parade from there!  Snacks! and a bathroom!  Can’t beat that.  Then, my kin J has scored me the primo ticket to the Creative Coalition party.  Awesome!  I went to that 8 years ago and there was all you can eat sushi AND a gift bag!  Hello!  Be assured I will be totally square in both dress and deportment (come early, look nerdy) but am excited to do these things! 
  3. I am in a mental state where I am at peace with the fact that the various security restrictions might interfere with my plans.  If I can’t get into the secure zone (where AB’s office is) before it closes, I will at least have the experience with being among the peoples on the mall.  Sure, I’d hate to miss the snacks, but it’s all good I think.
  4. My greatest hope is that all the people coming in from elsewhere have a good experience.   I’d hate for them to be disappointed.
  5. I find myself getting a little weepy.  This moment has such importance.  I am generally all about a new president, regardless of party, because I love the peaceful change of power every four years (or 8, sigh) but the fact that this guy is 1. an intellectual (God bless his boring well read soul) and 2. the first black president makes it mighty exciting.  I didn’t think much about race during the campaign, but since the election I have begun to feel that the evil of racism was a far greater weight on my soul than I ever knew.  I want to say to the African Americans around me, “thank you.” Thank you for your faith, and your  struggle.  Though I read and know about history, as a white person I can’t truly understand the discrimination that you faced (face – there are still battles to fight.)  Forgive me, for not truly understanding or noticing all these years.  This moment IS important. This IS a turning point in our history.  We can do better for all people.  Yes, we can.
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  1. RomeLover says:

    right there with ya on the weeping…read Maya Angelou’s oped in today’s paper. sniff.

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