1. My feet are killing me, but my spirits are high. 
  2. An endurance challenge getting down to my watching spot at AB’s office.  Read the chronology on Twitter.
  3. A little time to rest, then on to the Creative Coalition Party tonight.  Had a great time at the Bluegrass Ball last night. 
  4. Who is this social party creature I see before me?  I was such a chatty cathy with some strangers last  night, Ali asked who I was and what I had done with Eleanor.  Must hide soon. 
  5. And what’s this about school tomorrow?  Seriously.  Divine intervention in the form of snowstorm please.
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4 Responses to

  1. RomeLover says:

    okay, it’s been two days. when do we get reports so we can live vicariously through your experiences?

  2. Okay now, calm down. Everyone take a breath while Madam Altar Guild President makes up her 1st schedule. Now that is something to live vicariously through, or just live through, right El?

  3. Eleanor says:

    Yeah, in the hubub I totally forgot about the weekly schedule until yesterday, but I got it done. Also, I am pretty tie-tie. So I promise a full report tomorrow.

  4. RomeLover says:

    i am properly chastised but still eager…

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