1. Ok, ok, I haven’t posted my inagural adventures yet.  Ali is doing a good job.  I promise it is coming!
  2. For example, if there a a little snow day coming my way I am all over that for an activity.
  3. Along with cleaning my room, working on the Altar Guild schedule, and watching 24, which I missed tonight.  So it would be a full day.  I’d also have a nice coffee while reading the paper.
  4. Paul, Pennie and I went to see Slum Dog Millionaire tonight.  Very good.  I liked it alot.  So eye opening about Indian, in terms of seeing the cities.  We talked about the slums when studying Mexico city.  I may have to show a few selected clips next year.
  5. The annual chili bowl was last night at church.  I helped with the counting, but I should have let one of the newer parishoners who was helping run out with the number to announce it.  Spotlight hog.  Another reason I need to be sent to my room for a snow day.
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3 Responses to

  1. RomeLover says:

    Hey, love the new look. VERY fashionable.

  2. crazytobeme says:

    Hey – new look! That coulda been a #6 for today!

  3. Eleanor says:

    Yeah, I felt like I needed to change it up!

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