1. Hello to the snow.  Early release.  That.  Is what i am talking about.
  2. We are working our way into some prime TV season after a long dry spell.  Heroes, 24, Lost, Amazing Race, and Survivor.  Hooray!  I really do like my stories.  24 is shaping up well so far, but we are only 6 hours in.  It takes place in Dc this season, and that means that it is entirely possible that Jack could spend hours 7-9 on the beltway and 10-12 trying to figure out how to work the metro farecard machine.  Stand to the right, walk on the left, Jack.
  3. When we are on a project deadline, as the 8th grade is now, trying to do some writing and a display for the anniversary of integration at our school, I become a bit of a drill Sargent.  “Move it move it!”  “Why are you looking at me?  Keep typing!” “Are you done there?  Then come over here because I have got a job for you!  Pick up your feet and MOVE!!”   This is fairly funny in my head, but is probably incredibly annoying to my team mates, not to mention the children.  I just wish one of them would give me a nice Gump answer every now and then.  “Because you told me too Drill Sargent.”
  4. Someone in this blog put off doing their Altar Guild schedule, banking that she would have tomorrow off in which to do it.  And cruel experience, children, tell us that she will get totally burned by tempting fate like this.
  5. None the less, pajamas on inside out again.  Hey, just following the forecast, Ice tonight.  It’s not me of course, it is all about the safety of the children.  Just kidding, it is totally about me.
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  1. Melissa says:

    Is it possible to organize the Altar Guild schedule a month in advance? I don’t really know how it works, but if it’s possible, it might take some of the stress off. I feel you on this one because I take and type the minutes for the CSC board meeting every month. 30 women. Talking non-stop. And I have to write everything down! Every month I say I’m going to type the minutes the very next day (the day after the meeting) and get it over with, but EVERY month (never fails), I end up typing the minutes the Friday before the next Monday meeting. UGH!

  2. Eleanor says:

    You start gathering the info about a month in advance. it needs to go out about two weeks before the last one ends.

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