1. So Tuesday morning I went to the Starbucks closer to school, and ordered my usual iced grande skim latte and a spinach wrap.  I opened my wallet, and realized that the night before to go to the movie, I had stuck my check card into my pocket.  Where it still was.  Unfortunately those pants were hanging on the hook in the bathroom.  “Stop!” I yelled to the barista.  “Cancel that!”  I told them I forgot my money. (This is, by the way, not the first time I have done this) I prepared to leave and the barista handed me the drink, and said that she should had made it anyway, (fast!)  and I should take it.  I thanked her, took it, and promised I would pay for it the next day, even saying that if it was a snow day )I was already planning ahead)  that I would come on Thursday.  So I did come Thursday morning, and told the cashier to ring me up for two drinks, and the spinach wrap.  She waved her hands in sort of a “sush, never mind” fashion, and charged me for only one drink.  Not even for the wrap.  I must admit, I was puzzled.  I couldn’t figure out if she was trying to compensate me for something that she percieved to be a mistake on their part (I thought that maybe she had forgotten, and thought I was saying something had been wrong with my drink….?) I have no idea what happened there.
  2. Speaking of snow days, the Prez. says we are wimpy, and he is so right.  We just loose our minds about it, and the wall to wall news coverage backs us up.  I love my President, but I think the element that he is missing here is: If we go nutty over a few flakes, Eleanor and her hard working teacher pals can have  a day off.  Yes we can!  Yes we can!
  3. Finally got all the info into the Altar Guild scheduling grid, by going to Ali’s and having her read me the info, while I entered it.  Much faster.  yay.  Now I just have to shcedule it all out.  Goal:  It is in the email by Sinday night.
  4. Busy day.  Beginning to push the student teacher out of the nest. that is, leave the room and let her be in charge.  Go forth!
  5. Very sleepy………..zzzzzzzzz
  6. Mighty Sleepy
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  1. Whoa! You’re gonna have the AG schedule out in email by “SINDAY” night? Not sure exactly what that says about the schedule itself, but I’m happy to hear you’re establishing a new 8-day week. Does that come with six days of teaching? Whoa!

  2. Rod says:

    The prez should see how New Orleanians deal with snow and ice. He’d start laughing so hard the Secret Service would be worried he’d blow a gasket.

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