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Why can’t I find any of my pants?  And why does dressed up mean the same grey pants and a black sweater? My sweet digital TV gets channel 4.3.  Do you know what 4.3 has been showing this afternoon?  LIVE … Continue reading

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My hair is not looking great lately, and this disturbs me.  I seem to have some sort of Farrah wing center part happening.  This is not “assesptable,” as Supernanny would say. I went to my first play practice Thursday.  It … Continue reading

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Five sucessful services later and Ash Wednesday is wrapped up.  Things went well. It was even fun, though my feet hurt. and I. am very. tired. Tomorrow is that last night I have to work late.  Monday – Integration community … Continue reading

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Almost midnight, I’ve got a kitty resting on my arm as I type, and I need to be to bed, since I have to get up 5 hours from now for a full and exciting day of Ash Wednesday church … Continue reading

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It’s all the chair’s fault.  I come home, eat something, and and fall asleep in the chair.  I wake up feeling very thirsty, think how much I would like something to drink, then fall back asleep in the chair.  It’s … Continue reading

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Here we are once again on a holiday Monday, and it seems I have just brought my school books for a ride home and not gotten any work done.  I felt a little better when I ran into another teacher … Continue reading

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I think I have had some very profound thoughts lately, but of course I have forgotten them. It’s too bad.  They were very good. Something about the nature of existence. My student teacher is finding her way.  Hooray.  I’m getting … Continue reading

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