1. C has been busy…or not perhaps, but has found this very lovely artistic statement on the Inaguration.  I like it because it is clear she went to museums etc, and it reminds me what treasures we have here and how important history is. 
  2. There is also this photo “meme” (all about me – Me! Me!)  I don’t often do these but I tried this one.  You are to go to your photo folder, pick the sixth folder and the sixth picture in that folder.  And here is what was there.  My beloved big brother in Afghanistan.  A good picture.  He is happy.  He’s not a gunner, but they were all taking a turn.  I think the story is not so important, but the reminder, for me, that we must pray constantly, and without ceasing.
  3. Cousin Richard is now in Iraq,  so that is 2/3 of our generation galivanting about. 
  4. Constantly.  And without ceasing.
  5. To dos today:  Pray.  Buy knitting basket for the day school auction.  Finish the schedule.  Vacuuming. Laundry.  Hmm, perhaps I should go put those items on the task list in my new crackberry.  WHAT?  You got WHAT?  I promise, it is needed to replace my dead palm pilot.  And I already turned the email feature off.  (but it sure is red and cute.  Like a leetle car.)
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2 Responses to

  1. Liz says:

    1. Without ceasing.
    2. CRACKBERRY?! You should know that in France, they are calling Obama’s top secret, classified-communication-enabled Blackberry the “Barackberry”.
    3. Hope you’re ready for another week!

  2. RomeLover says:

    imho, you should post pix of your bro and cousin every week…or every day…but that’s a bit taxing.

    missed you tonight. love, c

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