1. Well, it is done and out.  There was a brief moment of screaming last night when I had it, and then realized the daily people were overscheduled, so I had to fix that.  Even more screaming when I actually had it pasted into the email and someone called and I need to make some changes based on their latebreaking info.  But it.  Is now done.  Hooray!
  2. Textbook adoption meetingw as interesting yesterday.  Pitches from the publishers.  Lots of free tote bags.  I’m kind of surprised some didn’t just contain cash.  Anywho, next week our committee will meet and try to come to “consensus” on a text and a secondary text.  I thought things were looking good for the book I want, but then things began to fall apart.  I am an advocate for books that represent two different approaches.  One the boring standard encyclopedic text we all admit we don’t use all the time, or even most of the time, and the other a case study based book that we all agree is well written and engaging.  I thought I had them with this arguement (I left out the word “boring”) until there began to be a bit of an argument over which of the two  boring standard encyclopedic texts would be chosen.  There was one advocate for each, and they don’t look like they are budging.  They tried to point out that we all have class sets of the good book (Not THE Good Book, that is a different class) but I really think that every student should have one.  I have one week to try to show them how the lower grade level text can be supplemented for above grade level readers (Which I totally think is possible.)  Or maybe I’ll tell them that I will agree if they hand their class set of the book I want, over to me.
  3. I also will need to come up with a strategy whereby I don’t freak out an start throwing chairs.  I mean, it’s not likely I’ll do that, but it is good to be prepared.
  4. Couldn’t sleep last night.  Terrible, because I loves me some sleep.
  5. We did the scary workout challenge today.  30 minutes 38 seconds. 6 minutes better than last time!
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  1. RomeLover says:

    i am a lazy slug but i am sooooooooooo proud of you. you go girl!

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