1. Why can’t I find any of my pants?  And why does dressed up mean the same grey pants and a black sweater?
  2. My sweet digital TV gets channel 4.3.  Do you know what 4.3 has been showing this afternoon?  LIVE coverage of the 2010 Team Curling Trails.  Hell Yeah.    They even have little drawing on the screen of where the optimal placement of the next stone would be.  Jason Smith is shooting 94% after two ends.  That’s what I am talking about Jason.  Broom that ice baby.
  3. I sometimes hit fallow points in my crafting when I don’t feel like knitting or sewing etc.  This is a shame since I have two scarves promised as Christmas presents on the needles.  Sorry Mom and AB.  I’m an artist (pronounced ar-teest).  I must wait for the muse.
  4. I do have an urge to paint.  Or perhaps bang pieces of tin with a hammer, but that would require the purchase of new equipment.
  5. Off to dinner.  Better find my pants now.
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2 Responses to

  1. crazytobeme says:

    Is there a reason I did not receive a phone call about the Curling Trials?!?!?!?!? HELLO!?!?! meh – sad I missed them!

  2. Mike says:

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