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I had a wonderful time on the trip.  It was warm, and there was plenty to see and do, as well as situation with our villa (it was complicated to go out at night) that meant I could go to bed early and … Continue reading

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4:55 and I am ready to go.  Let’s just set the scene shall we, as there may be those in the studio audience who are wondering  why I am jaunting off to Jamaica two weeks before Spring Break. Our dear … Continue reading

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Once again it is almost 11 and I have a trip tomorrow, and nothing is packed.  OK, no more posting until I am ready to go…time now…10:42. Alright so it took to 1:08 and now it is 2:07.  I suspect … Continue reading

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Let’s see in the past 2 days I have Led a brass crew that cleaned sixty bazillion pieces of brass in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Not done any laundry Fallen asleep in front of the tv twice Gotten a … Continue reading

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Hey!  On the Feedjit on the sidebar there is a visitor from Kabul!  Afghanistan! (Thanks for pointing that out Chrissie!)  Is that my big brother?  HI!!!!! HI!!!! Hi Chris!!! ::waving frantically:: Miss you!  Did the government unblock my subersive thoughts?  … Continue reading

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All my friendsare blogging late, I shall join them, though I NEED to be in bed! My dear English teacher friend has been dealing with big family issues lately, and has been in and out of school.  The kids adore … Continue reading

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Watching Survivor.  I think if you have to pick a leader, it isn’t going to work out. Disappointment today that the numbers didn’t come up for me to get a second section of Ancient Civ, and thereby drop Sociology.  Just … Continue reading

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