1. What’s this?  A forecast for snow?  Lots of snow?  Hello!
  2. I had a crew leaders meeting today, and that was pretty fun and informative.  The new carpet ordering and storage of various items in on the march!
  3. Caught up on 24 yesterday.  An excellent season thus far.  Set in Washington DC.  Someone from Television without Pity said that it would be great if there were a scene in the metro where Jack was on the chase and had to push people out of the way who were standing to the right on the metro escalator
  4. Maybe tomorrow I can catch up on lost, though I may be tempting fate to say that.  So, ahem, “Tomorrow I will go to school early and stay late and grade papers (oh crud, midterm grades are due Wednesday!) and I will work very hard and be excellent, and a credit to all teacherkind.”
  5. Pajamas on inside out people!
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  1. Deborah C. says:

    no getting to school early or staying late today! Congats! Doggy pj’s on all day on Kentucky Avenue.

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