1. Watching Survivor.  I think if you have to pick a leader, it isn’t going to work out.
  2. Disappointment today that the numbers didn’t come up for me to get a second section of Ancient Civ, and thereby drop Sociology.  Just don’t enjoy Soc. all that much. Blah.
  3. Did a painting yesterday.  I call it Despair No. 17.  I also toyed with the name Roadside Diner No. 64.
  4. It’s possible I may be over painting.  Either that or I need to satisfy the urge to sculpt tin using hammers before I can return to more traditional forms of expression.
  5. Items are beginning to pile up on my to do list.  The wheels are wobbling…threatening to come off….I have such trouble concentrating.
  6. Clipped another 2 minutes off of my scary workout challenge time.  Am still fat, however.  And why when the kids pass us (we workout in the hall) does everyone say Go Rebecca or Go Neil, but never say anything to me?  Many many years after I graduated, I still wander unnoticed through the halls of high school.
  7. Violet is my little familiar.  She follows me everywhere, and even now is resting on my wrists, purring, as I type.  Sweet and tiny little thing.
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  1. liz says:

    I love you.
    Go Eleanor!

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