1. All my friendsare blogging late, I shall join them, though I NEED to be in bed!
  2. My dear English teacher friend has been dealing with big family issues lately, and has been in and out of school.  The kids adore her, and are always in her room. (Not mine, because I am not as warm and more prone to look busy until they go away)  But, knowing how much she adds, and how I would like to be a kinder gentler person, I deliberately was outgoing and warm in the halls, and tried to hang around making small talk to fill the gap.
  3. My personality is split in several pieces:  The person I was, the person I want to be, the person I have become.  I like the last the least.  She seems controlling, too quick to act, and a trifle lazy.  I want to be like a human real simple magazine.  Well ordered lists and clean colors.  Chairs in the sun and lemonade. Warmth. Love.  Affection.
  4. Geography class is getting better and better.  Ancient Civ is limping along.  Sociology is still breaking the big wind.
  5. Vestry tonight.  Ate too much cake.  Delicious.  Here is a little question, and I am not saying I know the answer, but when people say God will provide, how come that never seems to include the money that is already in the bank?  I mean, what if he already DID provide, but I locked it into a long term CD?
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  1. RomeLover says:

    hmmmm, this was a deep post. we’ll continue praying for your teacherfriend. and if your friends just find they keep loving you more each year, does that make you think that maybe who you are becoming is constantly improving?

    and maybe you’re just reaching further these days.

  2. RomeLover says:

    and, COOL, you have a visitor from KABUL! i just noticed!!! i’m so jealous.

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