1. Once again it is almost 11 and I have a trip tomorrow, and nothing is packed.  OK, no more posting until I am ready to go…time now…10:42.
  2. Alright so it took to 1:08
  3. and now it is 2:07.  I suspect I am not very good at this sort of thing.  I did fold alot of laundry and write a letter to the Altar Guild, and earlier in the evening a recommendation for my student teacher.
  4. It is rather shocking that the whole effort resulted in three identical blouses(different colors) two identical sweaters (different colors) and two similar skirts and pants.  And assorted Miscellany.  It is still all too much and all too little.
  5. But I am off!  A few hours sleep and too the plane.  I’ll try to Twitter on the trip.  Huzzah for vacation and adventure!
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