1. Still alive.
  2. Just working the paperwork, trying to get ready for next week.
  3. We are having a “penny war” at school.  Each class has a jar.  Pennies earn points, silver takes away points.  You put pennies in your own jar and silver in others.  The winning class gets a ice cream social.  I brought in a soda bottle for the faculty money, because quarters don’t fit in it.  I thought that was crafty, but one of the other faculty members got frustrated trying to put all his pennies in bit by but, and cut the top off.  The money will go 50/50 to the senior class and to the Leukemia/Lymphoma society.
  4. My email is getting out of control.  I am trying to keep my to-dos in my head.  not good.
  5. The kids liked the bracelets I got them in Jamaica.  Some still have them on.  That makes me happy.  I had a good time telling them the tales, and showing them the places on Google Earth.
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