1. The penny war was resolved in a most excellent way.  The HILT students (older English as a second language students) who often operate on the fringe of things, quietly organized, and in the last minute of the competition, rolled into the office with a trashcan containing 20,000 pennies.  They said they went to the bank four times to get them all.  I got to announce the result, and the cheering that exploded from their classroom area could be heard all over the school.  It was fantastic.  They are a lovely bunch of kids (though some of them are almost 20) and becoming more and more involved in the life of the school.  It was a magnificent display of strategy, teamwork, and sweetness.
  2. You know how occasionally in a film on the native tribes of various continents you’ll run across a culture where the women don’t wear tops?  Well, welcome to the video I was showing.  So we had a little talk about differing culture etc, and how they needed to be mature or I would cut them etc.  And this was only on the screen for about 2 seconds anyway.   Oh, and of course toward the end there was a little boy frolicking in the water.  unclothed.  You know, equal time.  And in case that wasn’t enough, in ancient civ, I was showing some clips of the last emperor, and I tried to skip over the part where the mother is breast feeding the Emperor, but I didn’t quite make it.  Welcome to room 106.  All about the bosoms. Sheesh. 
  3. Chris is back in the states (or on his way) on leave.  Hooray!
  4. I had a great conversation with some of the kids today about people who were “undateable.”  “They may be dateable someday,” I said “but if they use to much sexy talk, and they are loud and tease to much, at this point….UNDATEABLE!”  This was well received.   It was a fun conversation, and one of the few times there was a group clustered about in my room.  I don’t know what caused it, but it was fun.  Though I do want my quiet from time to time, I don’t want to be the grouchy intimidating teacher, so I was glad to have this moment.  A nice way to head out for spring break.
  5. 25 services between me and 6:00pm Easter Day.  Don’t believe me?  Count ’em up!
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