1. When I am crew leader, my favorite time is during the lessons and sermon during the 9 o’clock, when things have settled down and I can iron the linens.  I keep the door open and can sort of hear what’s going on.  I like to turn the overhead lights off and just use the undercounter lights.  It is very peaceful.
  2. Palm Sunday went well.  Feebly waving palms.  The congregation gamely, but lamely saying “Crucify him, crucify him,” as instructed by the script.  Palm Sunday has never been a favorite service of mine, but overall it went well, except for the part where I interferred with the subdeacon assignment, because I’m a jerk, and then the part where a trash can caught on fire (though that was an acolyte issue, and I only found out about it after the fact. Frankly, I’m sorry I missed it.  If I hadn’t been interfering in other things I probably would have seen that show, so there is another lesson for me.)
  3. I like the movie Dogma.  “You knew Jesus?”  “Knew him?  Dude owes me 12 dollars.”
  4. Spring Break!  Woo!  Even though I have to spend lots of time at church, Spring break is still Spring Break.
  5. While we were in Jamaica there was an exciting comminique, that the awesome AT and her family are coming back to Virginia.  Hooray!
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