1. I’ve got about 15 minutes before I need to head back to church, but I thought I’d give a Holy Week Report.  Frankly, everything is going really well.  The crews are great,   and they get a lot done, really fast.
  2. We added a funeral to the mix this week, for a longtime parishioner.  It was at 10am today.  Busy busy.  I got to put the pall on the casket, and even though I am all about the cremation, that thing is fabulous looking with black tassels on the corners!
  3. Sometimes there has been a debate about which is harder, Christmas or Easter president.  At 6pm on Maundy Thursday, with 14 services to go, I can report: NO CONTEST.  Seriously.  I mean, there are no lights to flip on and off at Christmas.  Yes you have to wrap your presents too, but Easter has 17 pounds of extra stuff that gets done once a year and comes without explanatory handouts.  For example, why is the setup for this next service all at the credence, and not the altar?  There are 3 chalices, 3 things of wine and 40 billion wafers on a 7 by 12 inch shelf.  I mean, how about a paragraph explaining that?
  4. Speaking of lights, some of those switches don’t do anything, or there is a closet somewhere where the light is flipping on and off.  Maybe it controls the copier in the office, or the hot water boiler.  I have no idea, but dammit, I’m a-gonna flip them.
  5. In the interest of full disclosure, after today’s crew, I put my feet up on the desk in the sacristy and ate a steak and cheese sandwich.  So I may look holy, but I am, quite literally, a big fat sinner.
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  1. RomeLover says:

    3) as someone viewing from the nave, I’m gonna guess (but My Beloved will likely KNOW) that it’s all about the ‘look’ of the altar as almost plain as it can be. very stark. very different. you know, that “why is this night different from all other nights?” stuff. but it’s just a guess

    5) “a big fat sinner” maybe, but you got a headlamp and that makes you AWESOME in our book

    train’s picking up speed now…you’re still in our prayers!

  2. Ruth says:

    You are right. It oughtta be in the BOOK Nothing is on the altar today (Holy Saturday) because Jesus is dead. The Ambry is empty. No altar. The world has no understanding of and therefore representation of the Holy Eucharist. But it’s waiting on the shelf out of sight (thanks to the AGEP), waiting for tonight’s celebration of the risen Lord. After the Light of Christ is ablaze throughout the church tonight, those vessels and elements will be moved from the Credence onto the Altar — and we understand what has happened. I’m no theologian and this is a meager attempt to explain, but essentially we move from death to life, from the bare altar to adornment, during the Vigil service. You are doing a FANTASTIC job. And it’s almost over. After tonight the rest is easy.

  3. RomeLover says:

    With prayers that you are resting easy now. You did your part with flair and good humor. Everything from the front that you could control looked great….the Bishop not extinguishing the wick he used to light the Pascal Candle???? A little scary from the loft!

    Well done, good and faithful servant!!!

  4. I agree the Altar and sanctuary could be bare of all ornamental trappings on Good Friday. But as for the credence, even if the dishes are set on the sound sysem box outside the chancel, effectively the sound box becomes the ‘credence’ i.e., “Also called credence table, credenza. Ecclesiastical. a small side table, shelf, or niche for holding articles used in the Eucharist service.” Anyway, on Holy Saturday when we read Morning Prayer, I realize we stand at the foot of the empty cross with an occupied tomb, awaiting the glory of the Lord to burst forth through the veil of sin and death. I echo the “Well done, Madam President”! Thank you for your leadership and many, many gifts of presence, love and good humor. Alleluia! Christ is risen! The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!

  5. Anne says:

    And, of course, let’s not forget that you comb a mean fringe…

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