1. Must continue to think about risk.  Why am I so easily distracted?  How can you find anything new if you are buried in the pile of the everyday?
  2. Play practices are fun, hectic.  More time than I have available I think.
  3. Testing looms at school.  Paralyzed by what to choose to teach in the short time remaining.
  4. Paul and I have a little unspoken contest of who will turn on the AC first.  Pretty warm out today, and he didn’t break.  Impressive.  I am wavering.  It gets warmer upstairs, so I am at a disadvantage.
  5. We went to see a play last night, See what I wanna See at signature.  Weird, but entertaining overall and very enjoyable to be out and seeing something new and different. Other activities this weeked were the annual PreDerby party with AB.  She has a very good hat, and hoped to win the contest, but another woman was clearly motivated and had a sidekick who was also well hatted and they were combining tickets.  AB took her second place finish well, mostly since we spotted a presumtuous latecomer in a yellow hat, and we since felt her attempt to rise to power was not acceptable, and formulated some strategies (body tackles) should they be needed.  Yes, Yellow hats loss was win enough.
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