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All the world geo punks passed the test!  Hooray!  Now holding my breath til Monday for Ancient Civ. I hate standardized testing.  For my birthday I think I might make a cake with fluffly pink icing. The honda fit seems … Continue reading

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At our school, we like to preserve some of our traditions that help give students control of their education.  One of these traditions is arena scheduling.  When you were young you might remember going into the gym and signing up … Continue reading

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Crying children at arena scheduling. Ignored by the hamburger boy. Alone in the church hallway, dancing and singing hymns. Confident in the promise of the resurrection, but not of God’s involvement in my everyday life. More on these later.

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Another pretty good show last night.  Nice crowd.  I saw a couple kids I would have liked to talk to after, but it was hectic.  I wish there wasn’t a matinee today.  I am old, and need my rest.  Also, … Continue reading

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Wow, I am tired and sick, but I had a good time tonight at the opening night of the show.  During one bit, my wig almost got lifted right off my head.  We might work with that for other nights… … Continue reading

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I’m having a good time with the rehearsals this week.  It is nice to do the whole show, and even though I wish we could do it about 50 more times for qualities sake, I think that the whole backstage … Continue reading

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Who is it out there who keeps searching “5 things eleanor?”  That is the most popular search leading to this blog.  People, please, bookmarks! I was a scone making machine yesterday! 12 coming out of the oven every 15 minutes for four … Continue reading

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