1. My legs are tired.
  2. Tomorrow I have to stand  on them alot.  First to bake the scones for the Altar Guild Tea, the for play rehearsal from 1-6.  The play opens Thursday.  Hoping miraculous things happen at the rehearsal.
  3. Some friends and a few girls(students) from school came over for a little scone testing, and helped me prep the ingredients, by measuring the dry ingredients into small paper bags.  I cut up the butter afterwards, and it is chilling in the fridge.  It should be a matter of dump it in and go.
  4. I am not completely pleased with my new food processor, but perhaps some quality time spent together making 200 scones will help us come to an understanding.
  5. I need to keep it together thought this weekend and week by any means necessary, then dedicate my self to getting my life in order, and writing or otherwise contacting those family and friends I have been shamefully neglecting.  Going to write one of them right now….ok, done.
  6. Love my friends. Love my roommate.  Lucky to have them.
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  1. crazytobeme says:

    Viewers from Greece? Singapore? Karachi Pakistan!?!? and look at the place in US – El Paso, Austin, Orland CA – WOW!! look at you! Yummy scones too! Kevin, Kevin, cheese…

  2. Anne says:

    I will second Ali on the “Kevin! Kevin! Cheese! CHEESE!”

    You were, by the way, too polite in not mentioning who actually (other than you) did any real work at “SconeFest 2009.” I will say that the HS girls helped out a lot and I, for one, sat around and ate cheetos & hot tamales (who says I don’t have a balanced diet?). I was supportive in my heart though, and did important quality control. We all have different gifts and serve in different ways. Some of just happen to like the more lazy way.

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