1. Another pretty good show last night.  Nice crowd.  I saw a couple kids I would have liked to talk to after, but it was hectic.  I wish there wasn’t a matinee today.  I am old, and need my rest.  Also, can’t imagine what kind of spazzing will be going on as they race about the building between the two shows!  I’ve got some papers to grade, but that sounds pretty boring, really.  Yesterday I went and had a nice sit on the porch at starbucks.  Maybe I’ll do that again.
  2. My entourage came, mom, dad, Paul, AB and her mom, C and D.  That was very nice.
  3. We tried the wig thing, and I don’t know how it looked, but there were a lot of laughs and I know the kid who did it really enjoyed it.  He kind of jammed it back on my head kind of crooked, but that made it even funnier.
  4. I don’t know when it happened, but Prison Break snuck back on the air, on a new night, and last night was there series finale.  What?  I missed about 5 episodes I think.  Thank goodness for the internet where these things can be caught up on.  I need to do that show, Lost, and Heroes.  All these other activities are really interfering with my TV time!
  5. Ali and I follow this blog, Adan and Lego.  Today in Taiwan, Michico and Arion are getting married, and I am absolutely excited about it!  I’ve been watching the countdown for weeks!  She seems like a sweet, kind of crazy artistic person, who loves her two cats so much, that they will have cardboard cutouts of them at the wedding.  That is a level of obsession I can totally respect!
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  1. chrissie says:

    the kid who worked with you on the wig thing was GREAT.
    only “problem” was we totally didn’t care what was going on in the plot at that point. you two were the highlight!

  2. Anne says:

    Great show, El! You were my favorite part, of course, and provided the best comic relief in the play. Thought they did a good job of giving as many people as possible the experience of live theatre. Pretty cool. Congrats on a well deserved standing ovation and also on a well deserved rest after the final curtain.

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