1. At our school, we like to preserve some of our traditions that help give students control of their education.  One of these traditions is arena scheduling.  When you were young you might remember going into the gym and signing up for classes.  You know, in the days before computers.  We do this, and there can be some moments of panic for kids when they feel their classes are not working out the way they wished.  I had one of my gals come up to me rather sniffly, which progressed in to full out tears, as indeed, her schedule did not seem to be working.  We sat down in the center of the gym floor, and I said, “Yup, it does look like this turned to crap.”  Fortunately this made her laugh a little, and I told her we would go ahead and sign up for the few things that we could, and then hand it over to the powers that be and let them sort it out.  I’ll need to get on the phone with her parents and see if the deal breakers are really deal breakers, because what she wants doesn’t seem possible at this moment.  Anyway, we went to BFF the principal, and he gave her a hug and told her not to worry, and then he put it in the RED FOLDER.  So you know it is important.  Because the folder is RED.
  2. Part of the interesting thing about arena scheduling is that you can see the classes forming before you and get an ideal of the sort of personalities that you will have next year.  My new ancient civ class is going to be very special.  Longtime readers might recall these 5 lads, and they ALL signed up!  At first I was glad to see that is was my last class of the day, because I was going to need a cocktail after.  But now I have decided, that the group of boys I have, is going to be very special to me, and I mean in a good way.  I had them in 8th and they were not awful, but no picnic.  They have a bad rep around the building, and don’t seem to have a lot of adult connections, or positive academic experiences.  I want to change that.  I think this is the perfect scenario.  I mean, my subject has swords, and samurai and stuff!  We WILL connect with ancient history my friends!  We WILL have positive experiences!  We WILL take field trips and execute battle plans on the soccer field!  As God as my witness, I am going to be these guys cheerleaders, and the whole class is going to have a great time.  This is my solemn vow.  Now who’s with me?! Let’s GOOOOO!!!!!
  3. I was crew leader for the ascension service last Thursday, and had a few moments to myself in the hallway outside the sanctuary, and was grooving to some hymns, in which I feel very connected to God, and often think of what would be played at my funeral (on some occasions I consider what might be played at my inaguration to the presidency) because in those hymns I see the opportunity to state out what I believe, primarily in the ressurection.  I am very confident in that.  I don’t always understand how to talk to God in the day to day, but I think I am rock solid on the resurrection thing.  I would like to rely on God more, and think that particularly, the project in item #2 is going to need especial prayer and attention.
  4. Testing week.  Always a joy.  Please pass punks.  Love you much.
  5. I finally have a little money in savings, and two projects….One: personal training.  I am going to pay to have my behind seriously kicked this summer.  Two: a new(ish) car.  The windshield wipers stopped working today.  On the way to work.  In the rain.  That was fun.  The workouts are a manageble expense.  The car may require some thinking, but time is running out on the red menace, that is for sure.
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  1. C’s idea was for you to show the chariot race from “Ben-Hur” and the fight scenes from “Gladiator” to your class before having them make weapons and re-enact scenes. Could be fun!

  2. L says:

    You know I am with you on the five guys.
    We could even take them to Five Guys!!

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