1. All the world geo punks passed the test!  Hooray!  Now holding my breath til Monday for Ancient Civ.
  2. I hate standardized testing. 
  3. For my birthday I think I might make a cake with fluffly pink icing.
  4. The honda fit seems to come in some sort of dark blue, and this makes it a strong contender.  But I do feel bad getting a new car when the old one is still running.  Maybe I should just repair it….hmmm…..I am tormented.
  5. I’m about maxed out on church meetings.  It seems like for the past few weeks and for at least the next two I have at least two a week.  I’m about ready to SNAP!  I no longer feel like a good contributor, or even the charming yet annoying “crazy vestry lady.”  I am just the mayor of grumpytown, population: me.
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  1. Anne says:

    I promise your Saturn won’t hate you if you trade it in while it’s still running. You’ve had a good life with it. You don’t need to spend more on “end of life care.” At some point, a “Do Not Ressucitate” order needs to be put in place. You can take comfort in all your happy Saturn memories. Adopt a used car. Do it for you. Do it for the economy!

  2. RomeLover says:

    those Fits are really fun to drive. A blue Fit would Fit you. You should pat that Saturn on the hood and send it on its way. You deserve a cool car (haha, that’s a pun).

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