OK, so they can be a LITTLE cute.  Sometimes.

This will only be up a little while, but I thought you might like to see my darling punks.

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  1. crazytobeme says:

    Hey – very cool!

  2. L says:

    You did a great job!!!! It makes me love them– ME!!

  3. L says:

    Also, it made me cry.
    This is why I need medication.

  4. RomeLover says:

    I’m with L…makes me cry and want to be you.
    What a great job and what CUTE lil buggers they are.

    I knew that wig had to make an appearance….

  5. I love you, man! You rock! And the kids rock too!
    I love that you’re teachin’ those kids. I bet they do too!

  6. Anne says:

    LOVE the video!! Congrats on such a great year.


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