1. Registered for my high school reunion today and found out that a college friend is in town, all through the magic of facebook.  I find Facebook hard to keep up with, but occasionally it wields some treasures.
  2. Cleaning my room at school for summer school which is being held in our building this year.  Unfortunately there is lots of flinging things into boxes, and that will have to be sorted out later.
  3. Really enjoying my new car.  Tomorrow I’ll turn the red menace over to my old school, the county vocational school.  Well done thou good and faithful servant!
  4. I went to a retirement for the art teacher from that school, and it was great to see everyone.  I was very touched because he gave out six photographs from the area near out school (He commented on our dear Columbia Pike and it’s notable architecture – Art deco meets strip mall) and he gave one to me!  I was really surprised because there were some major ACC luminaries at the event, and I couldn’t imagine that I was that important.  I’ve always really admired this teacher.  He is a brill ant artist and was able to express ideas about education that are the best I have ever seen, both in concept and in the way he expressed them.  It was neat to think that he might see me as having contributed to his experience.  Neat but incomprehensible.  He joked that he had picked the six by homeland security random retinal scan and even though his picks seemed to have significance to him, when he called my name, I thought, Oh, well it is random!  However it was, I am very happy that he gave one to me, and will hang it in a place of honor.  It’s a picture of the Columbia Pike McDonalds!
  5. The 8th grade graduation was very good.  Not perfect, because we missed one kid and had to double back and get her.  But otherwise it was good, and the children were charming, and had a good time at their dance following.  Pretty much everyone stayed even one girl who is not real clicked in with the rest of the class, and she confided in me “I’m having such a great time!  I wasn’t even planning on staying!”  Then she ran back to the dance floor.  It was lovely.  It was also one of those good nights at our school where a lot is going on and it is very peaceful.  The 8th graders dancing in the cafeteria, the parents chit chatting in the library, some seniors painting their wall and the rest of the seniors practicing their play in the auditorium.  Relatively little supervision, and no chaos.  The vision we have for our school really does play out sometimes.
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