1. AB and I hosted a tea party for our goddaughter yesterday.  This was quite successful, with little sandwiches, and playing with my dollhouse.  Violet the kitten stayed in her usual spot under the bed, only visiting from under the bedskirt, but Kevin the cat was quite sociable, and even received his own tea plate with some nice wet food.  He had good manners for most of the event, but eventually of course bad habits won out and he was discovered on the table, drinking from the creamer.
  2. My garden is growing!  I was very surprised to see, when I went out to look on Thursday that there will little things popping up.  I didn’t realize that it would happen so quickly.
  3. Will get to visit with some college friends today.  Very exciting!  Both were in Band with me.  Well, she was, he was our graduate assistant, assistant director of the band.  I think I am taking them to lunch, and I always panic about where to take people.  I think I have settle on crisp and juicy chicken near my school.  It’s just a little takeout, but has some tables, and certainly, has excellent chicken.  I can show them my school too.
  4. I’m on vacation!
  5. Michael and I are going to St. Elmo’s after church today.  I haven’t had much time with him yet, but now I can ramp that up.  I need to come up with some good adventures.
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