1. Today an early meeting with someone doing a security check on a friend. (I’m an excellent character witness…”Convicted?  No never convicted.”) Then a visit with Michael and Mommy and a the formation of a plan to go to a movie.  Got the gym workout out of the way, and now am relaxing, with violet settling in for some laptime while I type.
  2. Our J2A pilgrims are off on their trip today, and can be followed here.  The twitter feed is on the left sidebar.
  3. I’m filling up my new little notebook with projects for summer: wrapping up AG stuff and cleaning house are dominating so far.  I am sitting in my comfy room, and once I get all the laundry put away, I think it will be revealed that I have way too much yarn, and need to get back to knitting.
  4. Got to see the awesome AT the other night now that she is back in town.  Here is to the first of many pedicures!
  5. Garden updates.  Things are growing, but some creature has been having a nibble.  I think of Peter Rabbit, hopping over and taking a look, lipperty, lipperty, lippet.  Pretty amazing how fast things grow.  I bought a book about gardening in small spaces, and now I want to talk the Fairlington Arbor association into making the area out back a community garden.  I mean, I love my little garden at school, but it is kind of a pain to drive across town!
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