1. I went early to water the garden, the thunderstorm not really having done what was needed, and a little girl and her mother were sitting in the gazebo.  The little girl came up and made conversation and helped me water the plants, and this was very pleasant.  If only I could import a cow or two to graze the soccer field.  Then I would feel very farmlike.  Perhaps I should bake a pie and place it in the gazebo to cool.
  2. I’ve  commandeered another plot.  Shameless. Tomatoes!  Strawberries! (For the pie!)
  3. I think my vacation is kicking in.  I find myself wandering about the house with a completely blank mind.
  4. Captain Asskick has been doing a good job, and I am feeling pretty good, even doing pretty good, sometimes very good about eating my vegetables (sans being fried in deliciousness)  I’ve even impressed myself about going on my off days and doing “The Turtle” on the treadmill.  It’s sometimes hit and miss on what is on the three televisions, though you can pretty much see law and order on the one television, I skip the news one in the middle, and the last seems to be things like Dr. Phil, or other talk shows, but today was veggie tales, and I’ve got to say, I enjoyed that. 
  5. The laundry situation?  Stil out of control.
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  1. RomeLover says:

    ah, i love it when i laugh out loud reading your post.

    could you put a warning up tho? I’m afraid i’ll ruin my computer when i have a mouthful of liquid.

    not that you would know anything about that….

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