1. Sometimes I feel really dumb.  Like tonight at camera class.  I took it to learn how to use my fancy digital camera.  Well, it is not very easy to remember what is happening with all the different buttons and settings.  I knew how to use a meter with a 35mm camera, but I cannot figure it out with this one.  Me feel dumb.
  2. Went to see Star Trek today.  GREAT!  Loved it. Wished it would have lasted longer, or that a sequel had begun immediately following.
  3. My friend Jeff is sick and in the hospital, and that is upsetting.
  4. I want to tell Captain AssKick that I want to change to someone who can train me in the morning, but I can’t (and by can’t I mean I cannot seem to make myself do it.)  I mean it makes perfect sense.  1 ish clearly isn’t great for him and I don’t love it all that much and 5 which seems better for him, I really don’t want.  I guess I am conflicted because a) I am a wuss, and b) I don’t really have a commitment at that time.  I feel like no one has listened to me when I said I wanted to work out early, or maybe I should have said “Morning” instead of early.  Anyway, it’s not like it is killing me, but it is bugging me.
  5. Trip to the DMV tomorrow. Car business.  Maybe a nap (after, not there.)
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2 Responses to

  1. DBC says:

    1. you not dumb
    2. let’s go 2 the movies
    3. 😦
    4. you are entitled
    5. zzzzz

  2. Anne says:

    I can help you with your camera. It’s not as hard as you might automatically think.

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