1. I would like to understand the life of ants.
  2. I am not a fashionable girl, but I am pretty jazzed about the half price calvin klein dress I got for the partay in NY next week.  I just took it to the tailor to have the straps shortened a bit.  It is a “sassy number.”
  3. I said that I don’t understand the nature of love, but I think it is the stuff that purports to be love but is not that is the confusing issue.
  4. I must, must settle down in the house and do some paperwork in anticipation of the end of my reign of terror on the Altar Guild.  The turnover of power is next weekend.
  5. I want to write a poem or sing a song or something.
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  1. I’ll hope & pray for some synergy of inspiration that evokes from you a dazzling combination of #4 and #5 as a ‘bang up, knock down, leave ’em wanting more’ final closing number! WOOT!

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