1. All the time when I am away from the computer I think of things to write, then when I get here – nothing!  Think, Eleanor, Think!
  2. Getting ready for the trip.  Just a few more things to buy, it seems like I have spent a ton of money already.
  3. I’ve been laying off the cardio days of my workout for the last week, since my heel has been hurting.  It’s so easy to fit those workouts in, but also shockingly easy to leave them out.
  4. Desperate for a cupcake just now. I may try making these, a lovely portion controlled cupcake activity, this weekend.
  5. The most fabulous cakes in the world, however, can be seen on Cakewrecks!  I spent most of Monday and Tuesday “resting” my foot and my mind and attitude, looking at the archive of the entire sight.  This sequence got me laughing out loud. It’s even funnier if you are familiar with the Bud light “Salute” adds and read the captions that way.  I really got the giggles, and it felt good.  I haven’t laughed out loud like that in a long time.
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