1. I wanted to get all poitical, and buy a head scarf that had peace signs, or bright flowers, but I decided to play it cool, and if I am asked to cover my head in Tanzania, I’ve got a quiet dark purple number.
  2. While at dress barn looking for said scarf, I happened to see, on the blouse rack, what can only be described as a pink cotta.  No I did not buy it, but I was tempted, just to hang onto for some church humor.
  3. The summer’s exercise has gone well, and the only time I really fell off the wagon food wise was this past weekend, when, in addition to the delicious cake pops, I ate a ball of mozzerella.
  4. Paul and I went to see District 9.  Terrible!  Not the good sci fi yarn I was hoping for and that was implied by the trailer, but too much violence and noise.  Sadly I have dropped in the rankings for movie choice skill below our friend who took us to see Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, a record that had held for quite a long time.
  5. I’m nervous, and a little teary but also excited, and determined to be the daring person people seem to think I am, and in about 30 minutes my mom is coming to pick me up and take me to the airport to go to Tanzania.  Twitter updates and hopefully, evening reports will be posted on www.graceontheroad.wordpress.com.
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