1. Went to the county social studies meeting yesterday, which, shockingly, actually made me get a little enthused to refresh the ancient civ class.  I’d been wanting to do that, but had been lacking motivation.  Talking with the other county ancient civ teachers, who are nice and irreverent bunch, skeptical of authority, helped, as did the work two of them had done this summer to redo some organizational stuff.  That organization gives me some structure I’ve been needing.
  2. It is possible, however; that ancient civ may be warming up its swan song.  Some chesters in the state legislature have made economics/financial literacy a graduation requirement, and when that kicks in, I feel pretty confident that they will have to stick it in the 10th grade year where ancient civ and AP modern European history, both electives, now reside.  It’s pretty criminal that Ancient Civ isn’t a requirement anyway (it is elsewhere in the state at 8th grade, I think, where geography sits in our county, and that is a whole ‘nother can o’ worms)  and the fact that the Greeks and Romans may get dropped so we can make sure people need to balance their checkbooks…Crazy.  The execution of all this is probably two years out, but I’m announcing right now, there is now way in hell that I am teaching economics, and those of you who have seen me handle money, are I am sure, right grateful.
  3. My first group of 8th graders are seniors now, and I went to their first little meeting last night.  They are organizing for the first day of school.  They all talk at once.  pretty funny to watch.
  4. My last workout with Captain kick ass was yesterday, which makes me a little sad.  Now I have to try to get some discipline of my own.  Oh dear.
  5. In other summer news my garden is really doing well.  I need to get some pics.  the sunflowers are all huge, and even though the squash has some sort of blight, it is still producing.  Today I am going to take some mozzarella and invite people down for a tomato, basil, mozzarella snack in the gazebo.  If I get to school and someone has taken my 4 tomatoes that are just about perfect, I’ll have to cut someone.  There’s definitely been some pilfering, which I am ok with, as long as people don’t take everything!
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