1. I’ve often lamented my clutter and it is even harder to bear when things are busy, because more and more just gets put aside to be dealt with later, and later is so very far away.  I wrote this down this morning at work.  “I want my house to be a place I want to come home to, not another job to do.”  It’s not a sanctuary if there are always major projects to do.  I know the fly lady has the answer, small routines that gradually whittle it all down, I am just, as always, seeking some discipline to do it.
  2. School is off to a rocky start.  I feel cluttered and disorganzied there too, and my schedule is not what I would like, so I am just a big pile of bitch.  The students are fine though, and I deliver on most lessons.  Just like at home, I’d like to get out of the whole and be able to enjoy things.
  3. I still love my new car.  It makes me happy.  I’ve kept it very clean.  It’s the least cluttered place in my life.
  4. The TV is on the fritz, and I need to take it in for some work I think.  I catch up on shows I want to see, like GLEE, online.  I wish I knew what the problem was.
  5. Schoolwise I was on the roof on Monday, really not wanting to teach a particular subject, but my friends talked me down.  We have a little support group – WiNC.  “Why I am Not Crappy.”  
  6. PS I woke up today and Paul had left me a little collage painting he had made of the Washington Monument.  It was a lovely beginning to the day.
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  1. Connie says:

    Eleanor, love this blog! Just wanted to let you know I feel disorganized ALL THE TIME. And yes, it is a good thing you love Jesus! 🙂

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