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Slept late, took a nap, going to bed early. Dinner with AB.  Good.  She travels a lot.  We’ve been friends for a long time.  I’m lucky. Rain. Needs. Too. Stop.  Also boo to the coming daylight savings. This summer I … Continue reading

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It’s “lentil-ganza” around here as I just spent hours chopping and dicing and boiling etc and now have lentil soup for tonight, and lentil salad to take to school tomorrow.  The soup is pretty good.  I just wish I had … Continue reading

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I spent more than one moment today wandering around in tired confusion.  I need some down time to recharge, because all is haze and nuttiness.  My headaches still linger and the water problem has not really been addressed.  Must drink … Continue reading

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My little cat violet is lying across my arms purring and napping. It’s time to go get some lasagna, but who can move such a sweet kitty? My TV might be ready by the end of the week.  Or it … Continue reading

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I don’t just love Glee.  It turns out I am obsessed with it.  I’ve just spent way to long looking at old episodes and future clips, including the smoking hot Puck singing “Sweet Caroline.”  Yowza. It is cold and rainy. … Continue reading

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I love the show Glee. Last night I was feeling headachy and thought this was either plague, or that I hadn’t had enough water to drink.  Paul brought me a big glass of water that I was sipping on while I was dozing off, … Continue reading

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At vestry I had the yarn with which I am going to make Jeff, who is very ill, a hat, and we sent it around the table so each person could lay some good mojo on it.  It was very … Continue reading

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