1. Painted the food pantry today, worked on stewardship letters. Talked with friends there about writing here was hard lately.  Don’t like to just whine.  Go on and whine I think they said.  It has been hard writing of late.  Maybe the format is stale.  Maybe I just need to be more free.  Must re-embrace  angry crafts philosophy: Do it, don’t be concern about doing it “right.”
  2. Now home for a little down time before a social tonight.  Weekends have been very hectic of late.  Looking forward to the 24th/25th where there are NO events.  Playing hard defense to keep it that way.
  3. Melissa and Michael are in town, they are looking for a new house and checking out schools. Exciting that they will  live here.
  4. Saw a play at school the other night.  Have a goal of going to all the productions and concerts this year.  Made a card (wallet sized) listing all the events and challenged the staff to join me in my quest.  Pretty sure they think I am an idiot.  School wise many conversations about who we are(philosophy) and how we should behave.  Censorship or no, follow county rules or no, participate in activities other schools do or no.  An interesting time.  been thinking and talking about it alot at school and thinking about it at home and just want it out of my head for a little while.
  5. Shall watch “Heroes” on netflix to regain equilibrium and have quiet.
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