1. Yesterday was the day of many small church activities Read at 7:30, Sub for Sunday School, Greeter after the 11:15 (hello, hello) and read again at the 5.  Also gave a stewardship talk and mentioned that sometimes I begrudge the time I spend there.  That’s right, I am not always a cheerful giver.
  2. Spent time this afternoon grading with Liz at a local coffeeshop/bar/restaurant, with a mojito in one hand and grading pen in the other.  Made the experience more tolerable.
  3. After grading and dinner, Paul and I went to see Capitalism: “A Love Story.”  It was very good, and got me all riled about the evil!  EVIL! A priest in the movie said so. One example: Some companies take out life insurance on their employees, without their knowledge, so they profit when people die, and if they die young they get even more money.  What. The. Hell?
  4. I organized my yarn today.  I have lots of yarn.
  5. Being withdrawn is tough.  You have to avoid eye contact.
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