1. At vestry I had the yarn with which I am going to make Jeff, who is very ill, a hat, and we sent it around the table so each person could lay some good mojo on it.  It was very touching, the meeting still kept going, but each person held it in their hands for a little while and when it got back to me it was all warm and full of power.  I want to finish that hat by next Monday, when I am scheduled to take dinner to his house.
  2. It made me glad I went to the meeting, even though I could have gotten out of it, because I had a school meeting that lasted until 7:15 and I had said I didn’t think I could make vestry.  But I battled with my conscience a little while in the school parking lot, and went anyway.
  3. Got some cases of swine flu at school.  Is my time coming?  Will I dodge it? Certainly would be embarrassing to have a sub, because my desk is such a mess.
  4. Trying to hold on until the 24th, which will be the first Saturday since school began that I don’t have stuff to do.  Also trying to wake up at school and get some stuff done to get ahead, but non classroom things are filling my time.  Also, disorganization.
  5. I need a personal chef.  Where are my waffles and fruit, Chef?  Come on!
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  1. Connie says:

    Do I know the Jeff who is ill???

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