1. I love the show Glee.
  2. Last night I was feeling headachy and thought this was either plague, or that I hadn’t had enough water to drink.  Paul brought me a big glass of water that I was sipping on while I was dozing off, and sometime in the middle of the night I woke up suddenly, and poured it all over myself. 
  3. I also got a crick in my neck. Or I am achy from the coming plague.
  4. I stayed at work until 7 tonight.  If I could do that for a few weeks I might be able to get caught up.  As it is, tomorrow I will be only mostly behind, instead of completely behind.  Victory!
  5. I have nice cats.  They are especially cuddly now that cold weather is around.
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  1. Ali says:

    yup, the plague. nice knowin’ ya.
    btw – potomac, md on the live trafic feed – that’s me. happened a few months ago but i really can’t take the time out of my life to try to get comcast to explain why i’m suddenly appearing to be from potomac. that’s a bunch of time i’d never get back and i wouldn’t get an answer (from india).
    so, sorry you have the plague, can i have your car?

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