1. I spent more than one moment today wandering around in tired confusion.  I need some down time to recharge, because all is haze and nuttiness.  My headaches still linger and the water problem has not really been addressed.  Must drink more. (water.  Other drinking might not be as helpful.)
  2. Just a little salute to my pal Liz, who makes staff meetings fun.  Also lunch.  If we could install some sort of dumb-waiter, or pneumatic tube system that would enable us to send jokes and odd objects back and forth between our classrooms, that would be great.
  3. We probably won’t get to do that, since there will likely be pretty strong budgets cuts this year, I found out at  a county teacher meeting yesterday.  Could get a little ugly, and of course, pneumatic tube system innovations will be the first to go, I don’t have to tell you.
  4. The chorus concert last night was great.  My favorite part was when the high school men’s chorus sang with the middle school men’s chorus.  The contrast between those little sixth graders, that are just pocket sized and the senior boys, was so amazing.  How can they grow so different in just 6 years?  The instrumental concert is tomorrow.  I am going for perfect attendance this year, so I feel committed to doing it, but it is not helping my overall frazzle level this week.  On the plus side, I have a little found time since our early release activity was postponed.  I hope a little lunch and coffee shop run will help me have some good productive hours before the concert.  My classroom is in serious need of cleaning.
  5. Still waiting for my TV to come back from repair.  The store hints it may be soon.  That would be helpful.  I am actually going to bed extra early tonight, not only because I need the rest, but so I can get up early and watch Glee online before I go to work.  Yes, I am the saddest no tv havingest person ever.
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  1. Liz says:

    Your friend Liz salutes you right back! And wishes you would write here every day.
    AND congratulates you on making it to and THROUGH your last weekend of ridiculous responsibility!!
    And wonders if, when you had sushi yesterday, you relived our BOAT experience!!

  2. Anne says:

    Middle School Men??? 🙂

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