1. It’s “lentil-ganza” around here as I just spent hours chopping and dicing and boiling etc and now have lentil soup for tonight, and lentil salad to take to school tomorrow.  The soup is pretty good.  I just wish I had a giant loaf of bread to dip in it, but I am trying to lay off the bread for at least 10 minutes.
  2. If you yell across the courtyard to the people (who you’ve never met) playing with their children: “Hey are you coming to my house for Halloween?  I’ve got candy!” you become “that crazy lady whose house we are not going to.”  Also: yelling out the window on Halloween “come up here!  I’ve got candy!” yet again makes you a character of some suspicion.  I’m so conflicted over Halloween.  I know I could go to other places that have more children, like Paul’s family, and get the Halloween vibe, but I cannot desert my post!  It is my duty to hand out candy.  What is unfortunate is that those household who do not pass out candy, and those who do not send children to trick or treat mess up the delicate balance that is America.
  3. This was the first weekend since school started that I didn’t have any responsibilities/activities.  Was very nice. 
  4. One thing, I did have to write a recommendation for a kid for college.  That’s a lot of pressure.  I don’t know how the high school TAs at our school survive, because they have to do a jillion.
  5. Tired again.  and here comes the monday.
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