1. About 10 trick or treaters last night.  Little kids from the neighborhood mostly.  A few teens.  No students of mine which is too bad because I made cupcakes.  Great restorers of faith for me were the folks across the hall who left a bowl of candy even though they weren’t there (excellent), and the trick or treaters who each only took a few pieces of same and didn’t empty the whole bowl into their sacks.  It restored my faith in Halloween and America.  I did feel a little lame about making the cupcakes, but none of them (my students) coming.  Oh well.  Cupcakes for teacher lunch on monday then.
  2. Went to the dedication of the new Organ (hee) and it sounds great.  It was a really nice service, and nice to see the results of all that planning.  “Organ!  Awake!”  (hee, again) 
  3. In the last few days I’ve watched Ice Age, The Happening (only a little, even though I had seen it before it was too scary) and The Village.
  4. Chris left Afghanistan today and should be back with his family by the end of the week.  Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!
  5. Paul and I did some singing last night.  Very fun, though I am not tremendously talented.  Still fun though.  I think I would be better, never great but better, if I sang more often.  For a person who likes music, I sure don’t listen to much.
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